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AF1 T100 giveaway USAgency Air Force One Watch Bundle Giveaway

This month's giveaway is a fun one because the winner will get a bundle of items from USAgency Watches. They have the official license from several US Government agencies and supply watches to them as well. Agencies they work with include the CIA, FBI, LAPD, NCIS, as well as the people who work on Air Force One... and more.

Up for grabs is the Air Force One Tritium watch. The lightweight tactical watch is in polycarbonate and is 47.5mm wide. It contains tritium gas tubes for dial illumination. Not just any gas tubes, but the high-powered T100 tubes. Inside the watch is a Swiss Ronda quartz movement, and the watch it attached to a black silicone strap. Water resistant to 200 meters, this piece retails for $399.

book case USAgency Air Force One Watch Bundle Giveaway

awebVR5K1734 USAgency Air Force One Watch Bundle Giveaway

Next you'll get a covert box that can be used to store anything you like. The box looks like a book and is made of wood. You can open it up and store your watch or other valuable goods. It also comes with the special US Agency coin. In addition to that you'll get a pair of American Optics USA made aviator sunglasses. Your choice of green or gray tint and they come with a security strap to keep them on your face. These are the same sunglasses that have been historically provided to countless US agency and military personnel. They retail for $169.00 each. Last, you'll get your choice of RFID blocked wallets. These special wallets shield against unwanted RFID reading devices. This is to protect your privacy and any personal information that may be contained on cards in your wallet that contain RFID chips. This includes some credit cards and ID badges - which can be remotely scanned by cheap RFID readers. Winner get's their choice of available wallet, which retail for $40 each. Just enter below for a chance to win this bundle of cool stuff.

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